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Yiğit Çolakoğlu

Developer, SysAdmin & Cyber Security Enthusiast

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I am a 17 year old high school student in Turkey. I have been introduced to coding when I was 10 and I've been loving it since then. Over the years I have accumulated lots of knowledge on various fields due to the variety of projects I've worked on. Coding is my greatest passion. Oh and, I use Arch BTW...

Latest Projects

Other Projects

Citizen View Open Source

A system that we developed for the WRO Friendship Tournament 2019 that detects defects on the road and does live traffic management.

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Food Cloud Open Source

A project that we developed for the WRO Tournament 2018 that came in first place. It is a system that ensures food safety.

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Siber Ogretmen

An SSH based game that teaches linux commands & an online blog that aims to teach basics about Linux and Cyber Security.

Work Experience

Internship - ASELSAN (2020 January - 2020 February)

Worked as an intern at ASELSAN for the duration of a month.

Internship - DivaSoft (2018 Summer)

Worked as an intern in DivaSoft during summer time.

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